I have been a member of NSC for 12 years now... and deep inside me love the site, the community, the friends I have made and over the years what first Warren, and then Darren have done.
But there are more idiots now than ever.
So, you can take this or leave it and tell me to f*ck off.
As a newspaper editor for the past 22 years I am offering this legal advice:
When someone is arrested by the police and taken in for questioning, we have what in our legal system is known as an 'active case'.
IF you discuss the case and arrests, circumstances, place conjecture or opinion in anyway publicly (ie on an internet forum, Twitter, facebook or in any written publication) you could be guilty or contempt of court, subjudicy and perverting the course of justice. These are criminal offences. You could be arrested, charged and if found guilty face a prison sentence; as could the owner and moderator of the website (ie Bozza).
IF you name the people arrested (without the police or courts naming them first) you can be sued for defamation if the person named is later found to be innocent. There is even a clause of 'libel by innuendo' so the Buckaroo comments must be very careful. Take in mind these footballers are quite wealthy and their lawyers could well advise them to sue anyone who has named them as a sexual assault suspect.
I am now leaving NSC for a while, like a few others, while this all blows over.