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    The Build a Bonfire song - Correct words campaign

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    7 years on from the last match at the Goldstone, can I make an observation that the correct words to Build a Bonfire are rarely used when sung.

    The correct words are/should be:

    Build a bonfire, build a bonfire
    Put Bill Archer on the top
    Add Greg Stanley and Bellotti
    And we'll burn the ****ing lot

    Note there is no "in the middle". This (correct version) includes all 3 of our hated friends - and it seems a shame to only include 2 of them in the more popular version that continues to be sung.

    If like me, you think that Stanley was the main villain (yes I do!) then it grates somewhat that when Build a Bonfire is usually sung, his name is excluded.

    IF we get to PO and Cardiff, I really hope that the correct words are sung.

    Stanley has got way with it for so long - we never refer to him and history shows that all 3 were culpable and we should NEVER let Stanley & others forget it.

    So please can the correct words be sung in future - please tell all!

    Thank you


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