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Thread: Cycling geeks

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    Cycling geeks

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    Hello to you all. Anyone up for fantasy cycling? It's time to test your true predictive powers, that means not just picking Cav for every flat stage SB. I've created an NSC League so we can find out is the true King Geek. Rather annoyingly it seems they have changed the rules this year so any advantage I had previously is gone. One top tip though, do not pick ypur team for each event until the start list is announced, I got caught out by this several times last season due to last minute line up changes.

    Sign up hereRoad CC Fantasy Cycling

    Join league 75484

    These are the main names from the Tour thread, but if anyone else wants to join feel free. Incidently I just read through the whole thread again, what a Tour.

    @Stat Brother, @Horton's halftime iceberg, @Stoichkov, @Tyrone Biggums, @Statto, @Lord Bamber, @ATFC Seagull, @1066familyman, @Woodchip, @black & white seagull, @les dynam, @adrian29uk
    It's probably nice to be Olympic champion. Like winning Gent-Wevelgem or something.

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