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    To all the people who have volunteered to help at the REMF game

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    My apologies for not posting this earlier.

    There are lots of jobs that will need to be done at the game - stuff like getting the Giant Flag into position before kick-off (and putting it away afterwards), helping to clear up the Hospitality Suite at the end of the evening, various bits of fetching and carrying.

    Nothing very glamorous, and most of it not very arduous.

    If you are able to help, please try to get to Withdean early - say about 6.15pm - 6.30pm, make yourself known and we'll find something useful for you to do.

    And if you can linger on, post-match, until about 10.30pm, you'll be made most welcome.

    Just turn up and contribute to the cause.

    And don't forget - invite your friends and neighbours along as well!
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