Just a review of the REMF in 2011.

We have donated more kit to local kids, a project for Sporting scholarships through the Kickz Project and of course we all eagerly await the arrival of the £ 30000 brand new mini bus for the Seagulls Special disabled youngsters to travel to events and training sessions soon to be seen in Brighton and Sussex emblazoned with the REMF logo on the sides and bonnet.

A culmination of 10 years hard work from dozens/hundreds of helpers and hundreds/thousands of supporters in Brighton, Sussex and Croydon.

We hope to announce a project for funding in the Croydon area soon ideally to be announced at Selhurst Park on 31/1/12.

We have the Gully's Girls calender selling like hot cakes and in profit as we stand, get one , if you haven't already. Alan Wares superb quiz night raised over £ 900 for the fund, well done Big Man, Tony Langridge's Golf Day raised over £ 2500 , well done Tony and REMF 10 raised over £ 7000 for the fund. We have had numerous auctions, raffles and initiatives all year raising more and the Build a Bonfire boys have paid in over £ 300 this month for sales of the reprinted book.

We have in 2012, the REMF Brighton Marathon team of 9, 1 space has now become avaiable, pm me if interested going for £ 5000 plus, REMF 11, The REMF Golf Day and numerous other events and fund raising over the year.

Thanks to everyone, Brett Mendoza, Alan Wares, Tony Langridge, Gully Girls and particularly Jo Wilson, Roz South and her excellent photos and Paul Camillin at the club has been a massive help, Build a Bonfire boys, anyone who donated, helped or supported the REMF in 2011.

As announced I have stood down as Chairman of the REMF after the 10th anniversary and Tony Langridge, Woodingdean Gull has taken over. He will be doing updates and news from now on in 2012. I know he will be brilliant at it. Please support Tony in any way you can.

Everyone can be very proud at what we have collectively achieved since 2001 raising over £ 100000 and supporting numerous projects locally and across the World.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.