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    Northstandchats Dogs - running for the REMF

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    The dozen or so members of the Northstandchat Greyhound racing syndicate have decided we would like to do something for the board's favourite charity and have come up with our own unique fund raiser.

    We have decided that we will donate 10% of the winnings that our dogs accumulate between Christmas Day and the annual REMF football match in April/May.

    Each time ALBION FLYER or ALBION STAR wins we will donate 10% of the winnings. This would mean typically a donation of £10-£12 each win.

    The dogs have hit a run of poor form lately, with only Albion Flyer winning in the last month or two, so we will ensure our total donation will be a minimum figure of £100. There is no maximum though, so help us cheer them on - in aid of the REMF.

    And if anyone out there in NSCland would like to sponsor each winner, for a pound or a fiver, per win, please make your pledges below. These pledges will be calculated separately to the syndicate donation and will not be included in our pledged £100 minimum donation.

    We hope to be able to present the REMF with the total amount raised, perhaps on the pitch at half time, at the REMF football match.

    So unlike the intrepid REMF marathon team, we ain't doing the running, that's what the greyhounds are for.

    Make your pledges below, and watch this thread for the winners and the accumulating running total going to REMF
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