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    East Stand Queues

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    I have a seat in the East stand. On most match days there are queues at the refreshments which can reach back almost as far as the turnstiles. There is currently a TV screen mounted on a pillar positioned in such a way that people watching it add to the congestion just inside the turnstiles. Would it help if the TV was repositioned on the other side of the pillar, moving those people watching it away from the turnstiles and refreshments queues?

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      East Stand Queues

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      I also have a seat in the East (Upper) and have had the same problem also why do they serve you with coffee,burgers etc and then make you go to the other side of the concourse to get the milk,mustard or tomato sauce etc? This means that once served you have to fight your way to the outer wall and try and find it when others are standing in the way just to drink and eat their refreshments whilst using the shelf too as a table. I would think it was just as well to have all the add ons by the servery, maybe at each end.
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      I'm also in East Upper. I think a solution both to ease congestion and speed up service would be to have post-office/rail tickets style queuing, where one long queue is formed around barriers and the person at the front goes to the next available server. This is a much more efficient system of queuing and would also stop long lines stretching back blocking the concourse.
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      Something needs to be done about the toilets - more of them or something to ease the problem of spending the entire 15 minute half time queueing in the concourse under the East stand to get into them. These queues combined with food/drink queues and people coming down to watch TV mean you can barely move down there.


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