Can you have somebody at the club contact the company who provide the stewards and ask them to have people on duty who know what they are doing? I park at the Uni and use the Stanmer Park entrance. Tonight I was told by the steward 'no football fans allowed. Turn around, get back on the A27 and come in at the other end of the Uni'. Thankfully I spoke to a female steward who said the man didn't know what he was doing and she let me through. The male steward was turning legitimate car park users around and adding to the already congested part of the stadium area. He was also causing massive delays for people trying to get in to the Uni car parks.

On another matter, after games is it possible for somebody ( police) to change the phasing of the traffic lights for cars leaving the car park? At every game at The Amex so far there is a lengthy queue to leave the Uni car parks which could be helped by allowing more than 5 or 6 cars through before changing to red.