The Albion and Northstandchat Dogs have both had a very successful August
As you know The Albion moved into Falmer and have been unbeaten the whole month, going top of the league and winning Gus manager of the month.
On the track ALBION FLYER won on 12th and ALBION STAR won on 10th and 26th,
This means our August training bills are net £116 in credit.
Which in turn means as of tonight we have £**** in the Syndicate bank account, with nothing owing.

A couple of ideas have been floated about this surplus, but of course we need a concensus from syndicate members before we do anything;
  1. Donation to Plymouth Trust in aid of the Argyle
  2. Sponsor an Albion player's kit
  3. Use some of this behind the bar at the meet up
  4. Do nothing, keep it in the bank

Benny and Lara have moved. The training kennels have moved from Billingshurst to
Galtymoore kennels, Cossington Fields, Farm North, Bell Lane, Maidstone ME14 3EG Tel: 01634 868815.
You are welcome up there on Sunday mornings to walk Lara or Benny, and I understand the facilities are excellent.

It has been suggested on NSC that we have a Saturday night meet up at the greyhound stadium
Two possible dates have been suggested; 15th or 22nd October. Looking at the few responses it seems the 15th would be favourite
Can we agree that date then? and then ask our racing manager liason commitee (joking) to see if we can get at least one of our dogs running that evening and then book two or three tables depending on numbers?

See you then, if not before

This is also in syndicate member's email inbox, and your feedback on all the Q's would be welcome.