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    Bridge Queues

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    After games, when people are walking towrd the train station someone stands by the ramp to the bridge and announces trains to lewes to the left, trains to brighton to the right.

    The problem with this, is that there are three paths. The one to his left which goes to the bridge (and thus the train to lewes), there are two paths to his right, one to the train station for the Brighton train, and one that leads to the footpath through BACA (Formerly Falmer school).

    This leads to confusion for some fans who walk down the right side of the temporary barrier towards the footpath, instead of down the middle for the train to Brighton, they then get dismayed when they try to jump into the queue near the front and are sent to the back of the now longer line. (Admittedly, I'm sure some are just people trying it on).

    Could you advise those in charge for a) better signage, b) clearer instructions ("middle for train to brighton" for example)?

    (I know that last line is in the form of a question, I'm not expecting a reply though, I get the impression that's not how this sub forum works)
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