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Thread: Lara plans.

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    Lara plans.

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    Hi Guys.

    Just an update on the plans for Lara.

    Brian is a specialist in training dogs over 6/8/10 bends, he has won some really big races over the longer trips, so when I am told he likes Lara a lot and the plan is to run her over a trip, it makes me think we may have some fun to come. So I asked the question, there are No 695m at Hove for graded level dogs, so where do we go with her, well the plan is Open race Novice to start, apparently these can be pretty poor races at times but it gives an idea of how the dogs react, I have told the kennel we are happy to go with, what and where they think we should go with her, after all they are the experts, this does mean we may be at other tracks from time to time, Brian sends dogs to a lot of tracks, Romford, Oxford, Poole, Peterborough, etc, once she has raced in a few Novice races Brian will have an idea how good or poor she will be over a trip, his initial thoughts are shes crying out for it the way she runs over 515m, sometime in the future she will also be going into season which will mean a pretty long break.
    Any thoughts from anyone be gladly received.


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