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    Remf For Nsc Players

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    Can you move this thread when it drops to the bottom please Bozza.

    Andy and I have been chatting about the makeup of the NSC/REMF team for the game against Palace. we both agreed that people who turn out week in week out for NSC Albion deserve to play in this game. We also appreciate that there are people who cannot make NSC games but are committed to the cause and they will also be looked at.

    We agreed that the team on Saturday will make up the nucleus of the team to play with the following additions:

    Mark Owen
    Wayne ( SOS)
    Ricky marlowe ( obviously)

    We are aiming for a squad of 14 - 16 and those in the squad will be selected and will play in the game.

    Training will be held shortly and ANDY RUMBLE will be the final arbiter of the team. Players will be expected to attend training and also be prepared to put in 100% effort in these traing sessions. Our performance last year came up short because of many factors , one of which was the fitness of players and if we want to get the cup back we want to put out he fittest team.

    Could you please PM Andy ( FATBOY) with your availibilty and what days you prefer for training.

    Cheers all
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