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    Chatting after yet another win tonight, we were talking about finding a better way to reward the guys at the kennels than handing out random amounts to various people every time we have a winner.

    At present we have one member who hands over "a drink" or two, or three, and then we reimburse from the kitty.

    This is proving rather an expensive way of doing it (and not just because we didn't know we were going to win so often?!) and we were talking about how we might look to do it differently. We get good value from keeping great relations up there, and just need to sort out how? and how much?

    Options include:
    • Having a small bet (from the kitty) each race, and handing over the winnings. Downside is betting every race and potentially costing more than it does now if we don't get a winner
    • Fixing how much we pay ? and to who ? and by whom? and how? if we are lucky enough to get a winner
    • not paying out from the kitty, but each individual giving the guys and girls a "drink" at their discretion if we have a good result.

    Have you got any other ideas that we should perhaps consider?

    All these options have pro's and cons and maybe would should have discussed this a bit more at the recent meeting, but we need to work out what we're going to do moving forward as we clearly have a right winner on our hands who is going places

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