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    Sunday 12th December - Meeting at Coral Hove Stadium!

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    Thanks to all those that attended Sunday, good turnout, and I believe some winning bets were actually placed this time

    Well done J2 BHA's son!! I think we'd like to adopt him as the Syndicates Resident Greyhound tipster! Taxi anyone!!

    For those members that were unable to attend, here's a rough account of what happened! Please anyone who was there fill in any important bits that I may have forgotten.

    Well, I don't know how it happened, but it appears I've been elected Chairman of the Syndicate Having never done anything like this before, I would be appreciative of any tips on what I should be doing, and I promise that I will do my best to make this a successful syndicate. Thanks for the vote of confindence guys

    Well, Barry Izbak is the treasurer/membership sec. still. And I like to place on record my thanks for all the hard work he's been doing behind the scenes, getting the Syndicate Bank account set up with Hola Gus (who is the joint signitary on the account), getting people to part with their cash, and generally getting dates for meetings organised, and of course for bringing my original thread back up in the summer. Thanks Nigel

    Mark (Prawnsarnies) has volunteered for the role of Trainer Liason. So he will be the guy that will be finding out wether it's worth backing the dog when it runs, , or not. And generally dealing with the trainer, for all matters with the dog. Thanks Mark, especially as you will be putting in lots of mileage, possibly.

    Right, here's what else happenend/and agreed at the meeting.

    1. Most of the money is now in. Just waiting for a couple of December payments. But we're nearly there!

    2. Any dog that the syndicate owns will have the prefix "Albion", as this of course is Brighton related (Sorry ARFURW8 ) , and it gives us enough letters to have a reasonbly long last name bit, if you get what I mean.
    It appears everyone has come up with at least one good name, and the aim is to put it to a vote of the general board, and get a general opinion of a good name for the first dog. Still waiting for suggestions to come in from a couple of members of the syndicate. When they're all in, the poll will be posted on the main board.

    3. The membership is currently at 11 Members. This is made up of 8 members who own £100 shares, and 6 members that hold £50 shares.
    The £100 members have two votes each, and the £50 members have one vote each. So 22 votes in total.
    I just noticed a slight problem here! The vote could be split, so suggestions on how this could be resolved, greatly appreciated from the members please.

    4. Myself, Hola Gus, and one other member (sorry can't remember who it was ), have agreed that one of us will rehome the dog at the end of it's career.

    5. Rules and Regs for the syndicate were discussed, and I think we have a basic framework for agreement, that's not too heavy, but is of course legal enough to keep all members happy.
    If you have any other suggestions for rules and regs, please get them in to me or Barry Izbak, and I think another meeting will have to be arranged to finalise the rules of the Syndicate very soon, before the first dog is purchased.

    We still have to register the Syndicate with the Greyhound Racing Authorities, and I've been told that this should cost roughly £70 to £80.

    I pushed things on a bit today, and hopefully have something in place to get this Syndicate onto the next stage.
    All members of the syndicate will receive an e-mail regarding this info. very shortly. Keep em peeled for it!!

    Well, I think that's all of it. If I've missed anything please fill it in for me!!

    (God, that's taken me an hour an half to write! )

    Here's to the North Stand Chat Syndicates first winner!
    93 Points and Promotion to the Premier League! We've Made It! 2016/17!
    75 Points and 4th place 2012/13 Upwards progress continues
    66 Points and 10th in the Championship 2011/12
    Championes Championes - League 1 2010/11!!


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