Here's why (possibly):

1) Glenn Murray. The Charlton boss has highlighted his arial threat as our major strength. This means their defence will spend the entire game kicking lumps out of him, spoiling the game as a spectacle.

2) Knobs. The South Stand was full last week for the first time this season, and all the utter knobs who only go to games when we're top of the league started booing triangles between the defence. Many of these will be the same people at the Valley tomorrow.

3) Goons. "If you're all going to Charlton clap your hands" and all that shit that we've seen on here the last couple of games. Who the hell cares? It's an away game up the road, it doesn't impress anyone that you're 13 and have actually been allowed to go. It's no different from the other 45 games we play this season. Expect these characters to be dribbling out utter shit like "drinking pints of sherry", amongst other imaginative classics like "LuaLua, LuaLua, LuaLua, LuaLua" (Tom Hark), "Glenn Murray, Glenn Murray, Glenn Murray, Glenn Murray" (Tom Hark) and "doo doo doo do, Tommy Elphick". Bloody brilliant.

4) Atmosphere. It will be shit. For once the regular away gamers will be outnumbered by the above goons. These will be the same people who will be on NSC tomorrow night saying the atmosphere was a bit of a let down in the end. They don't usually go away, so go to the game expecting to be "wowed" by the atmosphere. However, the only songs they sing will be drivel, and nobody will join in (see above).

5) Sit where you want. Again, the non-regular away gamers will be in attendance, and won't understand the concept of sit where you want. Expect to be made to "sit" in your seat - because the dullard behind you doesn't want to stand up and certainly doesn't want to move anywhere else.

6) LuaLua. Must be due an injury? The pratts who expect him to score with every shot will moan.

7) We have a knack for saving our stinkers for the games when a big ground turns up. Expect us to get turned over tomorrow.

I hope to be proved wrong, but I'm not particularly confident to be honest. Hopefully the team will make up for the utter plebs who'll be filling the crowd.