View Poll Results: Can a cheese top bap, not sliced and with no filling be classified as a cheese roll?

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  • Word! Dynamic G has it dead straight. It is a Cheese roll.

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  • A cheese roll? He's having a laugh.

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    Originally posted by blagdon
    Yo, I am the dynamic to the G and I still maintain that there is no difference between a cheese topped bap and a cheese roll as the ingredients are the same, it's just the way that they are arranged is different.

    If you took a twix bar and moved the caramel from on top of the biscuit to being in the middle of the biscuit would it not still be a twix bar? I think so. Point proved. Case won.

    Anyone up for some breakdancing at half time on Saturday?
    So why are Cheese topped baps sold as Cheese topped baps and not cheese rolls?

    There must be an EU directive that clears this messy situation up.

    Frankly i find you twix argument plain ridiculous, it completely changes the essence of the twix and makes it into a whole new bar, you've seen the adverts when the twix is snapped in two and all the biscuit kind of explodes, this simply would not happen if the caramel was in the midle instead.


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