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    Quote Originally Posted by knocky1 View Post
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    Super Egos team is presently @deletebeepbeepbeep , @big nuts, @The Complete Badger and @Mr Banana
    Then we have 7 runners @Simgull @penny's harmonica Knocky , big nuts cousin, Eamon the ringer, Spanish Dave
    @ben Elton's brother

    One runner short. @Mr Banana what about one of your boys? We can guarantee one a place. If the other two turn up they may get a team As there are often spares floating around, if you get there early.

    See you there around 6:15pm. Anyone dropping out do so now or you'll screw the teams up. Thanks @Left Back for notification of injury. Wise choice I think.
    If you need additional runners then let me know. I can text or call several people to complete a team
    If needed.

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