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    The Robert Eaton Memorial Fund Important Update

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    The REMF set up with the inspiration and perspiration of NSC / Albion people in 2001 has recently supported 3 local youth football teams in providing kit and equipment to children from 5-16 years of age to help to play football in the memory of Robert Eaton, Albion fan.

    The fund have provided a new kit and equipment to King George United who have 25 youth players in the Southwick area, Fishersgate who have 3 youth teams from 10-14 from the Fishersgate area and Portslade Athletic who are a new team trying to build who needed a boost and assistance in flourishing and we have done this by providing a brand new kit to replace their handed down very old kit. This is on top of supporting Los Peladitos with a 1 years support and we are about to provide this club with a second years package as well.

    Douglas and Laura Eaton, Roberts parents came to the presentations to hand over the cheques which I know was a very special moment from them to see all the hard work come home to support our local children in the name of their beloved son.

    All NSC/Albion supporters who have help with this fund over the last 27 months can feel very proud of the achievements following those dark days post 11/9/2001.

    Photos and articles of the presentations will appear on this thread shortly.

    We are planning a mini tournament in August between the 3 clubs supported by the REMF to play for the REMF Youth Trophy. As we support more and more appropriate clubs we can have more and more local teams each year playing for this trophy.

    I am awaiting confirmation from the club that we can play the Robert Eaton Memorial Match 3 at the Withdean Stadium in May when we will try and bring back the trophy to Brighton , 3rd time lucky !.

    Thanks for your continued support.

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