This post consists of all the NSC meet-up pictures and therefore may take some time to load

Group Photo

01. The Laughing Bluebird
02. Berkshire Seagull
03. Chemical Brother
04. Ben Andrew's Girlfriend
05. Danny Cullip Lookalike's Dad
06. Fatboy
07. Biscuit
08. Buzza
09. Mr Popkins
10. Danny Seagull
11. Jim D
12. Turkey
13. Trigger
14. Gullhanger
15. Tom Hark, Pretson Park
16. Rivalder
17. Lord Bracknell
18. Crabtree BHA
19. Cheshire Dolphin
20. Nobody, I ****ed it up
21. Artois
22. Safeway Seagull
23. Beefy
24. Trotster

"Moi?" - Lord B is positively gobsmacked as the awards come thick and fast.

The Lovely Trotster brings out the beast in Safeway

The NSC 9 (or is it 8?) were totally off the wall.

Turkey, Biscuit and Beefy

Danny Seagull and Berkshire Seagull do it in style

Wilts (Royal)

Anyone else think Safeway sucks blood?

Am I camp? I think not!

Beefy rejoices as Berkshire lends him a tenner.

A slightly worse-for-wear Cheshire attempts to make a point to The Laughing Bluebird. Look, he's laughing!

Yorkie and Gullhanger share a gag.

Lady B caught on the right side of the camera, while Italiaseagull attempts to stare out the tree. He lost.

Yorkie grabs herself (another) toyboy, this time Seagullible.

From left, working clockwise around the table: Leicester Whore, Mr Popkins, Safeway, Trotster, Coxy (, Berkshire, Beefy, Seagullible, Cheshire Dolphin. In the background Jim D (blue shirt) talks with Chapman's The Saviour.

The Original 8 line up for the gayest pose contest. Predictabley, Fatboy wins.

Turkey, ahem, 'impresses' us with his 'dancing'.

Turkey searches for his Smirnoff Ice as Buzza (left) chats with The Large One in the background.

'Danger' Jonnyboylennon displays his dislike of the paparazzi while Fatboy even manages to look gay writing a text. Coxy in the background attempts to get shot of the totally-****ed Chemical Brother and TLB gives his best Soul Crew glare.

Tom Hark, Preston Park takes a picture of, er, someone taking a picture, Gullhanger chats to Beefy, Safeway and Trotster, and Mr Popkins is the latest to be lured by the charms of The Tree.

Artois and Beefy do.. something.

Berkshire Seagull, The Laughing Bluebird, Tom Hark, Preston Park

JimD, DannyCullipslookalikeDad and Cheshire Dolphn

Fatboy, Bluebird, Jonnyboylennon, Lord Brack, Yorkie, ChapmansThe Saviour

Mr Popkins and CrabtreeBHA


Turkey, Biscuit, Beefy, Danny Seagull

Artois, Simon, Trigger

Mike "Gullhanger" Ward, Beefy, CrabtreeBHA, Roz, Ned Ludd

Can anybody smell onions?

BAG's smiling, Kinky Gerbil and Stumpy Tim's brother, Charlie

Chapmans' The Saviour glows drunkenly while Fagboy gazes admiringly at Buzza.

Left to right: Chemical Brother, Turkey, Artois, Buzza, Giblet, Jim D, Gullhanger, Safeway, Yorkie.

Wiltshire Royal entertains The Laughing Bluebird and Cheshire Dolphin while Danny Cullip Lookalike's Dad does his best to avoid talking to Danny Seagull.

Safeway and Trotster: "Leave us alone. Grrr."

Turkey. What else can you say?

Ahhh, Mr Popkins and the tree, aren't they sweet.

Yorkie and Ned pose for a pic, while their minders stand guard.

Harry Kewell and Italiaseagull looking at......something.

"Oh Safeway, I wish I was you" sighs Simon.

Left to Right: BAG, Turkey, Biscuit, Beefy & Danny Seagull.

This was their attempt when I said "Let's see serious faces"

A few beers later....

And a few more beers after that.

God only knows what Harry is thinking....

Seagullible and BAG share a moment whilst Simon just fails to move in time.

Dave the Gaffer and Blackadder square up.

Fight, fight, fight.

Jonnyboylennon and Harry.

Simon just can't help but be in BAG's pictures. This time it's the one with Trigger.

Artois manages to tear Trotster away from Safeway for one brief moment

But she's soon back with Safeway again.

Identity disguised for legal reasons.

The chant of "If you're all called Steven, clap your hands" filled the room.

Another group shot, but Crabtree manages to keeps his stance.

Once I (Artois) heard about the 'Get the cheekiest picture with Trotster' competition, I immediately got onto the leaderboard with this.

I'll let Jonnyboylennon have the last word, who, again for legal reasons, cannot be named.

'Action' shot of Artois.

Yorkie and her toy boy.

Danny Seagull attempts to out-camp Fatboy, not without a certain degree of success it must be said. Rare shot of Peven-Paul Kitson-sea in the background.

(Where is Berk's hand? - Turk)

Fatboy congratulates The Laughing Bluebird on winning 'Best Rival Fan'.

Such a well-placed pint glass.

"Keep your f**king clothes on!"

Jonnyboylennon takes time out from 'advising' Simon and Chappers to smile for the camera.

Safeway. Don't let the tan and good looks fool you, he's not gay.