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    Great to know prison works. *SIGH*

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    EVIL Chelsea O'Mahoney takes a leisurely stroll around a town centre - just four years after being jailed for the sickening "happy-slap" killing of a barman.
    O'Mahoney was 14 when she used her mobile to film members of her gang piling into helpless 37-year-old David Morley.

    She was sentenced to eight years for manslaughter and GBH in January 2006.

    But on Monday she enjoyed a trip out from her probation hostel in Bedford after being released on licence.

    O'Mahoney, now 20, laughed and joked with pals as they wandered around the shops, scoffing fast food.

    But when The Sun asked her if she felt justice had been done, she snapped: "I don't know what you are talking about."

    And when we probed if she would like to send a message of sympathy to Mr Morley's family, she ran off.

    O'Mahoney and three male gang members - who each got 12 years - targeted seven victims, including David, in one night on London's South Bank in November 2004.

    David - who survived the 1999 nail bomb attack on the Admiral Duncan gay pub in Soho - died from 44 injuries, including a ruptured spleen and five fractured ribs.

    The crime shocked the nation. It was one of the first high-profile cases of the sickening craze of videoing attacks with phones.

    O'Mahoney, the daughter of two heroin addicts of Kennington, South London, booted his head like a football and gloated: "Pose for the camera."

    She even kept a diary of the gang's brutality.

    Judge Brian Barker told her at the Old Bailey: "You became obsessed with the activity of catching people unawares, assaulting them and then filming it for your later gratification."

    Police released CCTV footage of O'Mahoney filming a previous attack on a homeless man.

    Last night Geoffrey Morley, 81 - who with wife Doreen adopted David as a child - said: "These people did some terrible things."

    At his home in the West Midlands, he added: "My wife and I didn't speak about the case while it was happening and want to remain quiet about it."

    But the retired engineer did add: "I hope Chelsea O'Mahoney can find a new bunch of friends and start rebuilding her life."

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