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    Jack Straw's Falmer Arch Chase!

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    I got a call from Barry Izbak telling me that he thought he spotted what is probably the first part of our arch, sitting in a lay-by on the A23.
    This was my cue to drop everything, and go off like an American "Storm Chaser", to spot it myself.
    As I hurtled up past Hickstead, indeed, it was the arch I saw hurtling back past me on the other side of the road.
    I took the next exit and caught it up as it travelled through the pylons.
    Trying to get along side for a really close view, I got beeped by the safety outrider who wouldn't let me in the outer lane, so nearly coming a cropper at the Rabbit Roundabout like many others before me.
    Took a quick photo!
    I overtook it on the A27 and stopped at the first layby where I took another shot.
    Then it slowly and gracefully made its may over the A27 up Falmer Road and into the stadium site where it safely came to rest.
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