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    Courage Challenge Cup

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    Courage Challenge Cup

    NSC Albion V Foxes Trust FC

    Which is basically a game of Brighton fans against Leicester fans to raise money for the Rocking Horse Appeal for the Childrens Hospital in Brighton.

    The game is at Leylands Park, Burgess Hill- home of Ryman League Burgess Hill Town on Sunday August 3rd. I will post directions when I get back from Barnet.

    The game kicks off at 2pm and the turnstiles open at 12. There will be lunch for any players that want it. The bar will be open and there will be food available. Courage have very kindly sponsored this game so there will be plenty of beer available!

    There will be a raffle and an auction, where there are some quite nice prizes. You may even see one or two familiar faces.

    In the evening we will be going to the Cobblers Thumb pub in Brighton. Directions later. Everyone is welcome to join us. I have been given a budget for the players to go on the lash with!!

    This is our squad if anyone cares:

    1 Pete Griffin (Seagullible)
    2 Dave McNiven (Razi)
    3 Alan Morden (MORHBHA)
    4 Mark Owen - Captain
    5 Martin David Goonper (Artois)
    6 Richard Allen (TOTKM)
    7 Malc Buss (Beefy)
    8 Adie Costello (DCL)
    9 James McCulloch (Scotty)
    10 Glyn Merritt (Fran Hagarty Jnr)
    11 Andy Rumble (Fatboy)
    12 Steven Valder (Safeway)
    14 David King (GayFC Womble)
    15 Simon Cox (Coxy)
    16 Simon Barrett (Jonnyboylennon)
    17 Sam Mellor (EP Sam)
    18 Helen Trott (Trotster)
    19 John Fashanu
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