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    Time to boycott the ARGUS once and for all....

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    So the 'new look' Arsegas is going to contain the following........

    'A daily full page of Premiership news', so we can forget about them covering much non league LOCAL football news, and no doubt that ******* of a RETARD Naylor will water down Albion coverage in favour of the glamour of the Premiershit (and a few jollies up to London etc etc), as if we didnt have enough over saturation in the national media (where it belongs) of the Premiershit, we now have to put up with it in our so called LOCAL paper.

    'A weekly coloumn from (their words) 'Albion fanatic (?!) cum house husband Mike Ward. Yet again over saturation, and its not as if we dont already get enough of his rather tedious ramblings about this, that and the ****ing other !! I wonder if Harty has been given the boot in favour of Ward who quite frankly (despite his good work on Falmer) is really getting on a lot of peoples tits ??

    So all in all a total ****ING sell out for the people of Sussex who still buy this shit (I admittedly bought one tonight pissed walking up Dyke Road) and I really hope that they sink into oblivion this time.
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    They've taken the game out of our pockets .... They're filling theirs up and its time to stop it .... Cost of the tickets has gone through the roof ... Hard to afford we're the living proof .... Football clubs taking the piss ... Lad's like us shouldn't put up with this........


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