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    bless, you for going on the attack, nothing makes me different to be honest, I wish I could go to games but finances and logistics make it impossible at the moment. If and when I get to games, I mearly pointed out I give support and encourage the team to do well. I don't understand people who slag players off, denting their confidernce and making them uneasy druing matches. Not what I call supporting. Personally, I'm glad you left at half-time. The club doesn't need 'supporters' like you
    if it wasnt for fans like me which i am a season ticket holders and go to nearly all the games, then the club wouldnt be hear
    Posted by Il Duce - I like Gus Poyet, but I don't think he would be able to deal with things here. We need a lower league expert, someone who knows how to build a side that can progress us out of League One.


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