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    travel option part 2

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    The Withdean planning regulations state we have to use the voucher system. It's one of the many 'costs' associated with Withdean.

    Current season ticket holders haven't been overlooked. The prices are as low as they were in 2002/03, plus there are other additonal benefits (gold membership, 10% shop discount, DVDs etc).

    That is not right is it? I recieved a "free cup ticket" before which has been removed...therefore the price will have gone up?

    secondly STH's have always had discount in the shop. In fact i seem to recall it was more than 10% at one time.

    I am not hgaving a go at the club I said i think the youth ST is an excellent idea and credit where credit is due. I just feel that existing "older" sth's have been taken for granted
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