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    Under 21 Season Tickets

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    I notice in your response to John Boy on this subject, the price will be £140 for south centre.

    Let me say I think this move by the club is a first class idea.

    I just have one issue with this south centre price.
    I buy every season, a season ticket for my grandson in the south stand centre. Over the last two seasons this has been at a far higher price for admission for kids, when they could have gained admission for £1.
    I had no issue with this, as the club needs to get bums on seats and especially the younger generation.
    But I do feel that the club could have given existing U21 season ticket holders the £120 price to remain in their seat they have had for a number of years. This would have in someway repaid them for all the over price admission they have paid compared to the ones who have only paid the £1 admission.
    Any new season tickets issued in these areas should be at the £140 price.


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