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    Tickets On The Day

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    At the roadshow last night, a question was asked to Dick about would we be able to buy tickets on the day, his response was "Yes".

    Please can you clarify exactly what that means, ie in what way will we be able to do so. I assume that fans won't be able to just turn up on the day at the Stadium and pay cash to get in.
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      It's unlikely you will be able to pay cash on the turnstile. This is rare at any stadium these days. I would imagine it will be similar to Withdean, but with a much better infrastructure in place behind the scenes. The way the football industry is moving is away from paper-based tickets. The likely scenario is that you will each have a chip-and-pin style card which will allow you access to the stadium (once activated). So once you have been to one match, you'll have your card and it will simply be a case of reactivating it - either via the web, automated phone service, mobile phone, text, or even (dare I say it) in person. So existing fans will not have to queue for tickets; new fans will obviously be issued with a card.


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