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    Trains to Falmer

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    Hi Paul,

    Firstly, I really enjoyed last night's roadshow - a first class and informative presentation from Martin Perry. Well worth making the trip down to Hove, so many thanks to all concerned.

    Martin indicated that the club wish to fill the stadium and will, as at Withdean, prefer people to travel to the stadium by public transport. This brings me to a point about the Lewes/Falmer/Brighton train service.
    My understanding is that the current maximum service comprises 4 trains per hour each way with 4 coaches per train. The number of trains is limited to 4 by the nature of the signalling between Falmer and Brighton; the number of coaches by the size and design of the platforms at all three stations. Assuming, a coach can hold 75 persons and disregarding any 'non-football' passengers, this gives a maxmum train capacity for Falmer spectators of 1200 per hour each way, with some unlikely to depart until possibly an hour after the final whistle. This really doesn't seem adequate so are the Club seaking to address the line capacity during the discussions with Southern Trains/Network Rail and, if so, is there any feedback yet on how this might be increased?

    Many thanks.
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