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    I was wondering as a sth whether the club will be looking at giving any incentive to sth to renew - this isn't a moan but as myself and my husband are both sth in the south stand we have paid over £800.00 this season, i think maybe the club should look at this - for instance how many games have been reduced this season to £10.00 a ticket or by one get one half price and now the portvale prices have been slashed - we as sth have paid approx £19.00 per game and sometimes there is not a lot of benefit - i work for edf and last year the club went round selling tickets for £5.00 for the bristol city game (which is a good idea) and i had paid £19.00 - i think maybe the club should look at giving the season ticket holders say £20.00 club voucher that way the club still makes money but we as sth are given something back - maybe that way everyone is happier ?

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      Yes there will be incentives for season ticket holders to renew, for a start all STH will get an early bird price, but the biggest will be priority on tickets and other initiatives when it comes to the new stadium. Details will be announced shortly.

      Regarding the EDF initiative, that was your company who subsidised the ticket. I like the idea of a voucher or something similar to reward STH, and will suggest it to the board - but while I appreciate that one game is reduced, overall season-ticket holders still make a significant saving over the season.


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