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    Are the club actually doing anything.....

    0 Not allowed! sell more tickets? I ask only half in jest, as there seems to be very little imagination in terms of ticketing at the moment. An honourable mention for the recent half price offer for Tranmere and Cheltenham (I took my daughters to the Cheltenham game and got 2x childs tickets in the South Stand (Block D) for £22.50, and moved my normal ST to sit with them. However, there are loads of other things the club could and should be doing (imho). Can you reassure us that Mr Brown's brain cells are working on this one?

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      Of course we are. Last week for example was half term, with around 1000 children on Albion Soccer Courses across Sussex; an ideal target audience. So each attendee is given a voucher entitling them to an adult and child ticket for £14. We have initiatives to encourage support right through to the end of the season, starting this Saturday with the Argus giving away 300 tickets to the Orient match. Gillingham is already sold out - give or take a few hundred returns. There's also another cut-price offer for the Port Vale game (£13 for adults and £5 for kids). Several hundred Seagulls Club members have free tickets for the Swindon game... and so on. This summer the club will also be writing to all lapsed season-ticket holders and encouraging them to return to Withdean for next season.

      On another note your comment about Ken Brown is plain silly; I suggest you (and others) should do a little bit more research before making smart comments about what he supposedly does or doesn't do...


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