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    Travel Voucher

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    Hi. I live in Preston Park. I will be walking to the Cheltenham game tonight and walking back. I won't be using the travel voucher which I believe accounts for four pounds of my ticket price. Can you please confirm what happens to my four pounds if it is not used for travel services? Thanks.
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      The value on the travel voucher is an estimated value across the board, taking into account potential train/bus/parking savings. It isn't phyiscally worth £4. The club pays an agreed figure to the various travel providers for each voucher they return to us; in addition we also have to finance the park & ride buses and various rentals, road closures etc concerned with the park & ride sites. So while we encourage you to use the travel voucher, those of you who walk not only are doing your bit in terms of the traffic and travel monitoring, but also saving the club a few pounds too. Thanks.


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