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    "Roving" season tickets

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    Something I saw mentioned on NSC today was an idea about a "Roving" Season Ticket, where you buy a season ticket for a stand as opposed to a specific seat, meaning you can sit where you like within that stand. This would mean STH's could attend games with friends and family who are more occasional fans, take them along to the game and can still sit with them.

    I know from a personal point of view this is something I'd seriously consider taking up. I'm currently a STH in the South Stand and would like to take my 12 year old along to more games, but what prevents me doing that is the fact that if I buy him a ticket, he's not going to be sitting with me.

    Perhaps blocks A-B and H-J could be designated "roving" ticket areas, where STH's can sit where they like within those blocks, as can people who've bought a single ticket for the game. This way STH's and occassional fans can sit with each other instead of being in other parts of the ground....worth a thought ?
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      Although this sounds a good idea it would not work in practice. Unallocated seating means the safety group would require a 15 to 20% cut in capacity for the area of the stand in which it operates and probably in the whole of the stand. We would have to suffer that reduction throughout the season and this might impact on attendances at high profile games. Unallocated seating is sometimes operated in away ends when it is known that the likely attendance will be below 85% of capacity but almost never in home ends.

      The other problem is in management of the area. Even if the tickets were unallocated you would still get problems of people sitting in the same seat every game and then getting upset if people sat in “their” seat at a game. You also get problems over “saving” seats and migration from other areas.

      If you want to take your son, why not contact the ticket office who will exchange your ticket for one where two people can be accommodated together. It’s a fairly simple process and something we have been doing for years.


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