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    Update To Remf 7

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    Following on from the thread on the main board ( which should be moved here soon)

    Ros/ed - publicity and photo's

    Brett/ Andy - team matters

    Alan - as per the list on the thread - Lewes FC

    gareth - liason with the Eatons, CPFC Boyz, raffle, trophy's, ball boys etc

    Me - facilitating the smooth running of the night, PA and master of ceremonies at the presentation to our victorious team again( oops)

    Tony - Coaching for Hope stuff ( can we get FBS along?)

    Anyone who I have forgotten - sorry.

    If you do get this meeting going next week can I ask you jot down what is to be done and by whome and drop me an email of the results. I can then check on progress by hassling you all.

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