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    no smoking= less fans

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    ive turnrd up tonight for the 1st time this season , and was having a ciggy outside hospitality when this steward came up and gave me a mother of all bllickings , i apoligise put my fag out and trot along to find my seat. 1/2 time comes so i decide to go outside the ground and have a smoke, i get to the exit gate and steward says if u go out and have a fag u cant come back in , i have my ticket and hospitality card and the pratt wouldnt let me out then come back in .
    3 hrs without ciggy and to watch that crap , thats me done with the withdean .
    ok i accept u cant smoke in pubs etc but at least i can go outside and return to my pint,

    i wonder how many of thousands of smokers feel the same.

    cmon management u gotta make designated smoking areas.


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