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    Questions for Dick Knight

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    When Dick Knight appeared on Harty's phone in a few weeks ago, there were some questions that, for reasons of time, weren't answered.

    After the show, those questions were handed to the Club.

    What were they? And what are the answers?
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    What if there were no hypothetical questions?

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      Dick's follow-up programme piece addressed several of the issues raised in the questions handed to him at the end of the phone-in (many of which were on a similar theme). Several of them will also be answered (re-answered) at the Falmer Forum, due to take place in the next couple of weeks (see website later today for confirmation of venue, time and date) - but some of them (mainly the one about the club's business case for Falmer) are not going to be answered for obvious reasons. This information is confidential for the simple fact it serves no purpose to the club to release it into the public domain. If anyone feels they have a question, which remains unanswered, my advice would be to post it here now and as always it will be answered.


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