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    new kit 2

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    on the question posted by supephil you said

    "Regarding the manufacturer, we have a long-term deal with Errea, who have been providing us with very good quality kit and training kit"

    can i say that as for good quality i have spoken to a number of people who have had a problem wit the quality of the sponsor lettering on the shirts,the last one i bought (yellow away shirt) after wearing to just 2 away games the lettering started to peel off and i have never ever worn this again in fact it ended up in the please how can you say these are quality espcially with the price they cost us?

    i for one will not buy another until this changes as i have better things to do than spend 35/40 quid on than something i am gonna get to wear twice

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      I have had a number of different Errea shirts, training tops and replica wear. I have worn them regularly to play football in, in the gym, and general wear. I have washed them, as per instructions, and never once had a problem. Similarly the players' kit (which is exactly the same stock as that which goes in the shop) gets battered every week, and Ken Barnard will vouch he rarely has a problem. I appreciate that there will be the odd problem, and apologies if you have had a problem. It's a shame you didn't bring the shirt back into the shop, as they will have refunded anything that was faulty.


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