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    Robyn Schonhofer - Talk Sport - REMF - London Marathon

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    If Bozza could make this a sticky please.

    Robyn Schonhofer who helps present on Talk Sport has contacted me to say she is running in the London Marathon and I am very happy to say the charity she is running for is The Robert Eaton Memorial Fund.

    You may remember that Talk Sport auctioned Rodney Marsh's sofa and got
    £ 1500. Robyn was given the choice of who to donate it to and she chose the REMF. This was announced Nationwide on the 5th anniversary of 9/11.

    Robyn will be plugging her run and the REMF over the next 2 months on Talk Sport which attracts up to 3 000 000 listeners.

    This is a fantastic bit of publicity for the fund and perfect to raise the profile before REMF 7.

    People interested in sponsoring Robyn can put their sponsorship on here or PM me if you wish to remain anonymous and I will post the amount but not the name.

    We will be linking the just giving webstire shortly where you can make your sponsorship by credit or debit card and we can get the tax added as well.

    I will pitch in with £ 30 to get the ball rolling.

    Well done Robyn we wish you well and updates will be posted here.
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