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    Boring bus idea...

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    I know this isn't particularly anything to do with the club, but perhaps when the next communications are made with the local transport companies I'd appreciate the following points being put across.

    When there is engineering works between Haywards Heath and Brighton, two types of bus run between the two stations. A fast service and one that stops at all the intervening stations.

    What usually happens is the bus queue fills up outside Preston Park, whilst you watch 4 or 5 five quite empty and fast double decker services pass by.

    I counted approximately 50 to 60 waiting for the bus tonight, I myself was there for about 45 minutes.

    When the slower service eventually arrived, it was a packed smaller bus. Only a third of the people could get on.

    A lot of the people waiting in that queue wanted to go to Haywards Heath, whilst some of the two thirds left at the stop would have required the slower service.

    Previously I found it more convenient to get a bus down to Brighton and get the fast bus back up !

    It would seem a far better idea to me, that for 30 mins after the game for the odd fast bus to makes an additional stop at the Preston park bus stop. They pass it at a crawl anyway.

    This would alleviate the size of the queue, whilst ensuring those who require the slower service to be able to actually get on it.

    Basically - everyone would get home quicker.

    I managed to get through to one of the local bus companies tonight and the person I spoke to totally agreed it would be a far better arrangement.

    Thanks for listening - I know it's not the clubs concern, but if you could pass it on next time a lot of people would appreciate it.



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