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    I'm not sure who has responsibility for the refuse collection, but was just wondering what efforts are made to facilitate recycling at Withdean? On previous visits, I have only noticed single bins for all types of refuse which I presume goes to landfill. Are there provisions for the recycling of drinks bottles, cans, food packaging or paper that I have not seen? I know that some companies do not charge for the removal and recycling of these products which would save money and the environment at the same time. I hate to throw plastic bottles away when I know they can be recycled. I would also hope that any bottles confiscated by stewards would also be recycled.


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      We are investigating ways in which we can recycle at Withdean although we would need to ensure visitors use the correct bin otherwise the cost of sorting outweighs benefits.

      We have introduced glass and cardboard collection from the catering and hospitality areas at Withdean - but it is not seen as practical elsewhere because of the general layout problems at Withdean. For the new stadium we are in talks with consultants to ensure that we recycle where possible.

      Schemes will include paper, cardboard and glass collection, plus rainwater recycling and onsite power generation. Design issues include reducing noise and light pollution and making energy saving in design and construction a top priority. Discussions are continuing but we hope that the new stadium will be a venue that makes use of all possible recycling and energy saving initiatives.


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