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    Ken Browne

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    this is a genuine question, and I am genuinely interested in your response.

    Some months ago Ken Brown joined the club as new Chief Exec. Can I ask:

    a) what efforts has he made to get to know: the fans, season ticket holders, travelling fans, young fans, sponsors, local firms? I've not seen him in the Sportsman or with the fans at away matches, indeed I don't even know what he looks like.

    b) why do we never hear anything about or from him in the programme, SCR, Argus, Withdean tannoy?

    c) What has he been focusing on since joining the club?

    d) does he exist?
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      a) Plenty. He has been very active since arriving. He's attended supporters' meetings, business breakfasts, the Seagulls Club Christmas party etc, etc. I don't think you'll find him in the Sportsman before matches as most of us have work to do on matchdays, but with everyone at the club, the door is always open for fans.

      b) Firstly he has been on SCR, in the Argus (several times) and we've written about him in the programme. He also recently wrote to all season-ticket holders.

      c) I don't really shadow Ken on a daily basis, so wouldn't like to go into too much detail, but he is responsible for the day-to-day running of the club - in order to free up Martin Perry to concentrate on the new stadium. For example yesterday he was at the FA doing a good job of defending the club at a hearing concerning the away fixture at Hartlepool. What I would say is that Ken is much more a doer than a sayer, and I am sure in course you will see various initiatives come to fruition.

      d) Genuine question or snide dig? Sarcastic comments like that are just very irritating.


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