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    Sitting in H block for yesterdays atrocious FA Cup display a fair number of Albion supporters verbally abused the Stewards when asked politely to sit down during the game. One persons behaviour in particular was uncalled for and utterly disgusting, yes I too stand up occasionally but when asked to sit down I do so without the use of a shameful verbal assault.

    Everyone who goes to football matches these days will know the rules on standing in seated areas, they simply have no excuse for verbally attacking someone trying to not only do their job but save the club from possible fines due to constant standing.

    I would therefore like the club to respond to the following question:

    Will you in future immediatley eject Supporters found guilty of Serious Verbal Assault on a Steward in the future?

    I understand a lot of supporters would get ejected if it was mild verbal so you can do this to everyone, but this one instance yesterday the bloke would've been arrested if he spoke to a Policeperson in the manner he did and I would like this matter dealt with more seriously in the future.

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