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    Apologies - re FA Youth Cup

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    paul1960 11-12-2007 22:55
    Update re FA Youth Cup

    From the main forum:

    Any comments ?

    "Tuesday night and still no more info from ManU about the game.

    No info for visiting fans, which in this case is both sides.

    Nothing more on our Club site.

    In fact, our Youth Team fixtures list doesn't even list this game, which must be one of the most prestigious matches our young hopefuls are likely to play in."
    Insider 12-12-2007 14:24

    Not really no, other than to say some people aren't happy unless they're knocking the club in some way. The information was posted on Monday morning as soon as we found out the game was switched... It's on the home page.

    United Game Switched,00.html

    This includes directions to the ground and prices

    Also the fixture list also includes Manchester United fixture, I would suggest you refresh your cache!,10433,00.html

    I didn’t post the question myself in ‘Ask the Club’, it has been copied from my post in:

    I wasn’t knocking BHA – it is ManU that have chopped and changed the venue, and having offered us a visit to Old Trafford for a fiver or less, have provided little info about Northwich, especially for fans from a club 300 miles away.

    If they don’t tell you, you can’t tell us.

    The two pages you reference on have indeed been updated – overnight. However, although now dated 12th Dec, they come up in the News as if still 10th Dec original posting, and so have slipped down the pecking order, and out of sight on home page.

    The Northwich stadium is nearly new; and is good enough to be the regular home for ManU Reserves; it isn’t Old Trafford but I’m sure we’ll get a warm welcome!

    Our youth team are doing well, ManU are beatable, having dropped 17 points in 15 games – it should be a good match!
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