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    Buses after the game

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    Last night, about 70 of us had to wait until 10.15 for a bus - around 35 minutes after the match had finished. I appreciate what has gone before regarding your arrangements with Brighton & Hove Buses, and that this situation is not the club's fault, but the wait over getting buses back into the city after the game is getting a bit silly.

    My point is, because of the circumstances of the staging of the Gillingham, the situation is almost certainly likely to repeat itself. I could - at a pinch - walk back into town (a 40-minute walk, something I would do if I KNEW there were no buses), but that effectively makes the travel voucher redundant. It's something which is very convenient, and I'm glad it comes with the match ticket, but it serves no purpose if there are no buses.

    Is there anything that the club can do about this, please?
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      At the last game, there were two double decker relief 5s waiting at the bus stop for the end of the game. These left full as did the service 5 that arrived shortly after. The next service 5 took away the remaining queue. We speak to Brighton Buses before each game with an estimate of the numbers likely to be using the bus service, they operate on a number of relief buses plus service buses to take away the queue. The service bus time table does not always co-ordinate neatly with the end of the match. Sometimes we use the park and ride buses to take people into Brighton; last Friday that was not necessary as the queue had gone before the P&R buses became available.


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