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    3 year STH - now i'm confused again.

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    Hi mate,

    In your response to me further down this page (dated 19th Oct ) you stated that:
    'Three-year STHs are entitled to apply for free cup tickets for ALL home cup matches'

    But to Herr Tubthumper (dated 2nd Nov) you are stating that it's for JPT only...

    So what is it then? LOL!
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      Apologies, there has been a lot of confusion over the three-year season ticket packages. It breaks down as follows:

      Those who applied for the 2005/06-2007/08 three-year season ticket (24-match deal) were entitled to receive the first HOME cup game free of charge.

      Those who applied for the three-year season ticket after 2005/06 season (23-match deal) are NOT entitled to free cup tickets.

      The reason we extended the offer to a second match for those three-year holders who were entitled to a free ticket was because some weren't aware they had to apply for their Barnet ticket.

      Nine and ten-year holders are entitled to receive all home cup matches free of charge, but must apply to the ticket office to receive their ticket.


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