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    is Ken Brown's top priority to sort out the ticket sales problems. Given that ticket sales is the main way of generating income it seems strange that the club makes it so difficult to buy its product.

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      Yes, one of the club's main priorities is sorting out ticketing issues (phone, online etc). Firstly, in the past few weeks the club has been hit by two key resignations in the ticket office. Things are not as we'd like them and we are working to resolve this, but we don't want to rush into a short-term fix. In the short term, one of the positions has been filled, and the ticket office manager position will be advertised internally and externally next week. In the long-term we are actually working on installing a proper CRM system (online, phone etc) which will give more flexibility to the supporter and enable to club to market products to supporters (including tickets) much better. However, if you could bear with us for the time being, we are going through a 'transitional period'.


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