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    Buses to Brighton..the sequel!

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    I notice you have answered every question, but mine.

    Is this being looked into? Or does the club have no influence over the bus company?

    Thank You for ANY reply ;)
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      The reason for the delay, was I needed to speak to other people. The club have now spoken to the stewards and the bus company. The club do not pay for extra buses for south bound buses on the London Road but pay a sum to the company based on the number of passengers. At most games there are relief number 5s to cope with the extra numbers however sometimes because of other commitments those buses are not available immediately after the match. At the Bristol Rovers match our records show and the stewards confirm that the south bound queue was clear by 5.25pm (half an hour after the end of the game). This is a similar cleared time to that at most matches although the bulk of supporters were not away immediately. We have spoken to the bus company who have agreed to try and provide the buses earlier after the end of matches but point out that there is a finite number of buses and drivers available on a Saturday afternoon. We hope you continue to use public transport to get to matches.


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