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    Ticketline problems

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    Is anyone at the club planning to respond to the article in the Argus yesterday about the reporters difficulty in getting through to someone on the ticketline to book tickets ? It seems from the responses on NSC that its not an isolated incident (and I know from my own personal experience that you are often stuck on hold for 10 minutes +). This isnt a criticism of the ticketline staff by the way, who are always courteous and helpful when you (eventually) get through, but the system seems flawed, and would discourage all but the most determined customers from perceviering till they get through.

    Someone mentioned whether adopting a cinema-style electronic booking system would be a solution - where you phone up and navigate a computerised recorded message to book and pay for your ticket, then turn up at the ground, put the card you used to pay for the ticket in a machine, and have the ticket printed there and then. It works well for cinema bookings, how about the Albion ?
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