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Thread: REMF Flag 2

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    REMF Flag 2

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    As it appears that the original REMF flag has gone missing. I am suggesting buying a new flag to be named the Robert Eaton Memorial Flag again to be taken to the future REMF games and have the odd day out at Withdean and away trips. I am envisaging something impressive but not quite as large which can be kept more easily. I reckon £ 500 - £ 1000 should get something dedent for the new season.

    It is not appropriate for use fund money so we need voluntary donations.

    As such I will chip in with £ 50. If people think it is a good idea please pledge your bids here or PM me if you want to keep anonymous. I am setting a target of
    £ 1000 by the end of August.

    Many thanks.
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