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    REMF Charity Golf Day official report - a must read

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    The weather forecast for Thursday 31st May, the inaugural REMF Charity Golf day, was not good, and I seriously thought that my record for producing sunny days whenever I’ve organized a golf day, was in serious jeopardy. I needn’t have worried.

    When the first four-ball teed off around 11.30 at Mid-Sussex G.C., the sun was already shining and would continue to do so for the rest of the day. Michael Fish, what does he know?

    I’d arrived at Mid-Sussex earlier with my daughter Katherine, (great company and seller of raffle tickets), and after checking in with Kathryn, who works for Mid-Sussex and would help us all day, was told that Andy, the Director of Golf, had let us have a buggy for the day with no charge at all. This is typical of the way that this golf club looks after us.

    We then received our second surprise. The previous Friday, Tommy Boyd had invited me on to Southern Counties Radio, to talk about the REMF and the golf day. This has already been reported on here and I told how, when the interview ended, Tommy asked to sponsor a hole for £50. Kathryn then told me that the broadcast had been heard by Harvey’s of Lewes, who had rung up Mid-Sussex to tell them to tell me, that they wanted to offer a barrel of beer for the raffle. WHAT A TOP BREWERY!!!!

    We then went round the course setting up all of the sponsor poster boards on the relevant tees, and put up a display of A3 sponsor posters by the large table in the club that had been allocated to us. By this time, the first of the four-balls were starting to arrive and Katherine and I were soon greeting Colin Davis, (posts as cjd), and his team, soon to be followed by DTG and Kev Risby.

    The other entries followed as the coffee and bacon rolls were dished out and eventually, the four-balls started out on the 18 holes. Soon after, we had a pleasant surprise as Doug and Laura Eaton, along with Barbara, Robert’s sister, arrived to have lunch. It certainly broke up the waiting period while the golfers were out on their round. We took the buggy out a couple of times to see how everyone was doing, and while the scores varied, all seemed in agreement that they were having a great day.

    While having a cup of tea in the early afternoon, a senior member of Mid-Sussex who had just finished a round of golf came over and told us how great the sponsor posters on the tees looked. He remarked that he appreciated how much hard work had gone into setting this up because he had organised charity days as well. He then asked if we would be doing this again, and when I said yes, he offered to get 15 to 20 of the Mid-Sussex seniors out next year to swell the numbers. “They’ve got plenty of time and plenty of money” he said. When I told him we would welcome them he left me his card and asked me to let him know as soon as we’ve fixed up the date. Nice people at Mid-Sussex.

    Getting on in the afternoon, we went out again to retrieve the sponsor boards and the ‘Nearest the Pin/Longest Drive markers. They also provided one or two shocks, but more about that in a minute. We laid out the trophies in the dining room, and then started on the raffle prizes. The prizes table was starting to look very full. We started to collect the scorecards when a very welcome sight in the shape of a good friend of mine came into view. I’d asked Tel, (Terry Morgan to give him his full title), if he could possible give a hand in “doing” the cards. All score cards have to be checked and the correct number of points per hole worked out. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the time to do this chore as well and so was extremely grateful when I realised that I could delegate this to someone else. I quickly passed all of the cards over.

    I asked Katherine if she could sell the raffle tickets for me, £5 a strip, as many as people wanted. She didn’t need to be asked a second time but was away, to collect a quite incredible £155. As there were only 10 golfers and myself and terry there, you can appreciate how good she did this job, and also, how generous those present were.

    At last, all of the results were in, so we sat down to a superb 3-course meal of egg mayonnaise and fresh salmon, loin of pork with apple sauce and fresh vegetables followed by fresh fruit meringue. Excellent, compliments to the chef. Gareth arrived and gave a quick rundown on the REMF that year, and then we went into the trophy presentation.

    Two of the Nearest the Pin trophies went to Matt, a member of Colin’s team. The third NTP went to Colin himself. I was sitting in my buggy next to the 15th green when Colin went for this and would like to say what a fine shot it was. The longest drive was a strange affair. Colin had been the first name on this sheet, when, to make sure he stayed on the fairway, (must do to count), he said he used a sand wedge from the tee. This was eventually beaten by our very own DTG, who, although he reckoned his drive was about 300 yards, I can confirm, only beat Colin’s sand wedge, (about 110 yards), by approximately 15 foot. Make of that what you will !!!

    The team event was very close, with eventually, the team of Kevin Risby, (CPFC captain), DTG, Ian Putland, (a friend of mine), and Steve, (a friend of Kevin), narrowly beating Colin’s team by 1 point. The individual event was incredibly close. The two best scores were exactly the same. We had to go “on countback” to determine the winner. Kevin had scored 15 points on the back nine, but Colin had scored 16 points on the back nine. So Colin just beat Kevin in a very tight finish.

    We had more raffle prizes than entrants, but every one deserved to win after the support they had provided. Just too many to mention all of them, but I have to mention the barrel of beer and the signed shirt provided by Albion legend Paul Rogers. As we were about to draw for the shirt, Paul was heard to say that the shirt was a xxxxxL size, but was still a snug fit for Guy Butters. By some quirk of fate, Paul’s number came out. He declined to take the shirt however and it was re-drawn. My scorecard mate Terry won the barrel of beer, but he immediately said that he didn’t really drink beer. Mid-Sussex had already said that if the winner didn’t want to come and collect the barrel when it was delivered to them, they would be quite happy to buy it from the winner and donate the cost to the fund. When I put this to terry, he was more than happy to let the REMF gain from his raffle win. TOP MAN TEL.

    The Bottom Line.

    Well, as we stand at this moment, with the incredible generosity of our sponsors, raffle donations and entrants, the profit we are showing at the moment is approximately, an astonishing £800. This may well be swelled by another £100 if can get the money off two other sponsors. To put this into perspective, this has quadrupled the best ever golf day we have previously had, and is ten fold last years event.

    Please give it up for all those who took part and all of the sponsors and providers of raffle prizes. For the first time that we have run this event, we have had an incredible result.

    Thanks everyone, next year will be even better.


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