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    REMF GOLF DAY Yesterday

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    Tony will obviously put a report on the day, but just to let you all know, it was a great day, along with many others, I have been burned to a cinder and look like a red indian today!!!

    Suffice it to say the Palace team led by Kev Risby ( CPFC BOYZ Captain) won the competition ( COME ON!!!!)

    Great to see the Eatons at another superb event for the REMF

    Robert would be very proud to know how much work is going into something in his memory and how many people and children worldwide are benefitting from the fund which is going from strength to strength.

    BTW Guy's Skint Retro shirt was won by a chap from Colin ( cjd's) team. Dodge said it was a 5XXXXXL and it still looked snug on Tank.......

    Well done Tony.

    Great day

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